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Modulation Transfer Function Compensation Technology of Optical Remote Sensing Imaging System

Zeng Yong1 Chen Shiping2 Yu Jin1 (1 China Center for Resources Satellite Data and Application,Beijing 100094) (2 China Academy of Space Technology,Beijing 100081)   

  • Published:2010-08-25 Online:2010-08-25

Abstract: Modulation transfer function compensation (MTFC) is very important for optical remote sensing imaging system to promote image quality and optimize the imaging system modulation transfer function (MTF). Based on inverse filtering and Wiener filtering,the MTFC technology was studied and improved according to CBERS imaging system characteristics. The optimal design of MTFC was done from MTFC curve shape as follows:the middle frequency MTF was enhanced remarkably,and the high frequency part was enhanced moderately. It not only improved the image definition,but also controlled the noise involved. Compromise has been found between the image definition and noise for this technology. CBERS-02B HR imaging system is taken as an example,the result shows that MTFC can improve the image quality obviously,and at the same time,it increases some noises. Several suggestions are given to the applicability of MTFC finally.