›› 2010, Vol. 30 ›› Issue (6): 49-56.

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Design and Dynamic Simulation of Hinged Deployable Configuration Spacecraft

MA  Shang-Jun, LIU  Geng, LUO  Hao   

  1. (School of Mechatronical Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an 710072)
  • Received:2010-04-13 Revised:2010-06-18 Published:2010-12-25 Online:2010-12-25

Abstract: Based on modular design idea of the spacecraft structure, a hinged deployable configuration for the spacecraft was designed. The virtual prototyping model of modular body and solar panels was established with virtual prototyping technology. And the influence of three deployment sequences of modular body and solar panels on attitude of the spacecraft in the weightless space environment were analyzed, including the modular body and solar panels deployed simultaneously, the modular body deployed after the solar panels, and the solar panels deployed after  the modular body.  Meanwhile, the influences of different torsion spring parameters on attitude angle and deployment time were compared.

Key words: Modular design, Hinge connection, Deployable mechanism, Solar sail, Attitude control, Dynamic simulation, Spacecraft design