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    Orbit Design for Mars Exploration by the Accurate Dynamic Model
    CHEN Yang, ZHAO Guo-Qiang, BAOYin He-Xi, LI Jun-Feng
    null    2011, 31 (1): 8-15.   DOI: 10.3780/j.issn.1000-758X.2011.01.002
    Abstract5356)      PDF(pc) (479KB)(2967)      
    The precision orbit design for Mars exploration by the accurate dynamic model was studied. The launch window and trans-Mars orbit was determined through the partical swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm within the heliocentric two-body restriction. The patched conics method was introduced to design the earth-centred parking orbit and departure hyperbolic orbit. The solution of two-body Lambert problem was input as initial value for precision orbit design, and the preliminary orbit was corrected with the restrictions of the Mars B-plane parameters and flight time by the accurate dynamic model. Finally the designed orbit was simulated with the STK softwares.
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    Review on Integral Stiffened Shell Structure Technology of Large Space Station
    YU Deng-Yun, LAI Song-Bai, CHEN Tong-Xiang
    null    2011, 31 (5): 31-40.   DOI: 10.3780/j.issn.1000-758X.2011.05.005
    Abstract1887)      PDF(pc) (891KB)(2071)      
    A survey of integral stiffened shell technology was carried out, and the structural design, materials, manufacturing, bending forming technology of integral stiffened shell together with their development trends were analyzed. With regard to the research status of relevant technology in China,difficulties and obstacles of  the engineering development of space station integral stiffened shell were pointed out, and research suggestions were also given.
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    Modulation Transfer Function Compensation Technology of Optical Remote Sensing Imaging System
    Zeng Yong1 Chen Shiping2 Yu Jin1 (1 China Center for Resources Satellite Data and Application,Beijing 100094) (2 China Academy of Space Technology,Beijing 100081)
    Modulation transfer function compensation (MTFC) is very important for optical remote sensing imaging system to promote image quality and optimize the imaging system modulation transfer function (MTF). Based on inverse filtering and Wiener filtering,the MTFC technology was studied and improved according to CBERS imaging system characteristics. The optimal design of MTFC was done from MTFC curve shape as follows:the middle frequency MTF was enhanced remarkably,and the high frequency part was enhanced moderately. It not only improved the image definition,but also controlled the noise involved. Compromise has been found between the image definition and noise for this technology. CBERS-02B HR imaging system is taken as an example,the result shows that MTFC can improve the image quality obviously,and at the same time,it increases some noises. Several suggestions are given to the applicability of MTFC finally.
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    Research on Non-synchronization During Deployment of Hoop Truss Deployable Antenna
    TAO Cheng, LIU Li-Kun, ZHOU Zhi-Cheng, TIAN Qiang, XING Zhi-Gang
    null    2015, 35 (1): 1-8.   DOI: 10.3780/j.issn.1000-758X.2015.01.001
    Abstract1645)      PDF(pc) (555KB)(2174)      
    The non-synchronization phenomenon during the deployment of the hoop truss deployable antenna is obvious in the ground test, which was caused by the damping and other factors. The multi-flexible dynamics system model was established by the absolute nodal coordinate formulation (ANCF). To analyze the non-synchronization phenomenon, the stress and the distortion were obtained during the continuous deployment of the truss. The results show that the non-synchronization is caused by the distortion and friction between the elements of the antenna. The non-synchronization phenomenon is consistent with the stress, which makes the truss endure higher load.
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    Optimal Analysis of the Reliability for Torsion Spring Based on Multi-failure Modes
    WANG Mei, CHEN Guo-Ding, XIAO Yong
    null    2011, 31 (5): 57-63.   DOI: 10.3780/j.issn.1000-758X.2011.05.008
    Abstract2238)      PDF(pc) (361KB)(1226)      
    Based on the general stress intensity distribution of a broad interference theory and reliability model of a single failure mode, the torsion spring reliability optimization model was established under multi-failure mode. The normalized weighted method was used to solve the torsion spring reliability calculation under equal failure effect mode and unequal failure effect mode. Under given structure and constraint conditions of torsion spring, the best reliability optimization of torsion spring structure was done in the same failure mode (equal failure effect) and different failure mode (unequal failure effect) one using the proposed model and techniques. Under equal failure effect and unequal failure effect, compared with the torsion spring reliability of non-optimized structure, the proposed reliability optimization models and methods proposed are reliable, valid and good reference for the reliability optimization of the spacecraft components.
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    Disturbance Modeling and Performance Index Evaluation of the Small Control Moment Gyroscope
    ZHANG Yao, JIN Lei, XU Shi-Jie
    null    2012, 32 (4): 45-53.   DOI: 10.3780/j.issn.1000-758X.2012.04.007
    Abstract2059)      PDF(pc) (560KB)(1280)      
    Control moment gyro (CMG) is widely used as the actuator for attitude control on satellites recently. To realize high precise pointing capability of a high resolution remote sensing satellite, the disturbance modeling and performance index evaluation of CMG were discussed. Firstly, considering the static and dynamic imbalances of the rotor and installation errors, the small CMG dynamic model was constructed  by means of the theorem of momentum and theorem of angular momentum. The validity of this model was analyzed based on an experience model of a flywheel and testified by numerical simulation. Secondly, a cluster of the CMGs were adopted and the whole satellite dynamic model was derived. To complete the mission of the satellite attitude stabilization control, the reasonable servo control systems of the gimbals and the rotor were selected. Finally, the influences of the CMG disturbances on the attitude precision and satellite stability were analyzed in detail. According to the space mission of the high resolution remote sensing satellite, the constraint condition of the CMG performance index was obtained to meet the imaging requirements of the optical payloads.
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    Effects of discharge voltage and screen grid voltage on performance of ion thruster
    WANG Yu-Wei, REN Jun-Xue, JI Lin-Jie, TANG Hai-Bin
    null    2016, 36 (1): 77-84.   DOI: 10.3780/j.issn.1000-758X.2016.0014
    Abstract1055)      PDF(pc) (4336KB)(1370)      
    The effects of discharge voltage and screen grid voltage changing to working performance of a 6 cm Kaufman ion thruster were studied by combination of experiments and numerical simulation. In these experiments, the argon was used as propellant for the ion thruster,and many groups of data were gathered. Furthermore, based on Goebel′s theory model,the effects of discharge voltage changing on beam current and propellant efficiency were simulated.And the particle in cell Monte-Carlo collide (PIC-MCC) theory was used to simulate the effects of screen voltage on beam current, propellant efficiency and acceleration grid current. Experiments and numerical simulation drew the same conclusions. When discharge voltage increases, ion beam current and propellant utilization efficiency tend to be stable after a corresponding increase. A similar beam electric current and propellant utilization efficiency changing pattern is observed when the screen grid voltage is increased,but acceleration grid voltage tends to be stable after a corresponding decrease. This study can provide a reference for increasing multimodes ion thrusters' performance.
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    Design and Dynamic Simulation of Hinged Deployable Configuration Spacecraft
    MA Shang-Jun, LIU Geng, LUO Hao
    null    2010, 30 (6): 49-56.  
    Abstract4044)      PDF(pc) (535KB)(2945)      
    Based on modular design idea of the spacecraft structure, a hinged deployable configuration for the spacecraft was designed. The virtual prototyping model of modular body and solar panels was established with virtual prototyping technology. And the influence of three deployment sequences of modular body and solar panels on attitude of the spacecraft in the weightless space environment were analyzed, including the modular body and solar panels deployed simultaneously, the modular body deployed after the solar panels, and the solar panels deployed after  the modular body.  Meanwhile, the influences of different torsion spring parameters on attitude angle and deployment time were compared.
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