Peer Review

  • 1. Initial review

    All manuscripts are initially evaluated by the editor. The editor uses a web-based program Academic Misconduct Literature Check (AMLC) ( which compares documents and marks similarities as a possible instance of plagiarism, and checks the suitability for the purpose and scope of the journal.

    2.Peer review

    Originality, validity and importance of the manuscripts, and provide detailed and evidence-based (with references) comments to help editors to make publication decisions (accept, revise or reject) and authors to make improvements. The following points are considered during the review process.

    1. Is the manuscript suitable for Journal of Chinese Space Science and Technology? Is it original and important?

    2. Is the study design appropriate and complete?

    3. Are the results and conclusions well-supported?

    4. Are there any problems regarding statistics?

    5. Are there any ethical issues to be dealt with?

    6. Are the characteristics of aerospace distinct?

    3. Final decision

    The peer review opinion of the accepted manuscripts shall be sent to the editor-in-chief for final review, and the manuscripts shall be returned for revision, acceptance or rejection.

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